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For people who do not know the English language, you will learn the alphabet, the grammatical tenses: Present, Past and Future.
We teach you to communicate in those three times, so that you can begin to use the times in your daily life.
Verb tenses, regular and irregular verbs.




Review of present, past and future tenses; comparatives, superlatives, adverbs, must, shouldn’t, etc… Auxiliaries that will help us to speak better, to join sentences to speak fluently. At this level, Spanish is no longer spoken and the goal is to gain more confidence in order to be able to speak more fluently and confidently.



3 months: Review of grammar tenses, we add perfect tenses, students communicate in a more fluid way, perfect pronunciation, work in groups and individually for better results, vocabulary is increased, we put everything learned into practice. 2 months : Build your speaking skill.

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