Social Services Department - Handy Language Center


This department is in charge of supporting our students, we know the importance of bringing a helping hand in this country, where you not only feel accompanied and listened to but also have concrete answers and help. We listen to the needs of each of our students and anyone who comes and requires help, we have the following services.

  • 1. Find home

  • 2. Detention of domestic violence

  • 3. Placement Agency

  • 4. Scholarships

  • 5. Support to open bank accounts or any paperwork they need

  • 6. Help people who are victims of a crime

1. Find home

We help the student who has just arrived in the country to get a house or apartment, we help them with the procedures for connecting electricity, and basic services, we contact them with the necessary agencies or institutions.

2. Detention of domestic violence

At HLC we believe that one of the roots for which domestic violence is allowed is because women are not prepared, do not have economic independence and do not have emotional security, that is why we work hand in hand with different associations to support to women who need it, helping them to look for work, giving them scholarships so that they learn the English language and find better options, helping them to get psychological support through other instances and above all giving them that emotional support to get out of these problems.

3. Placement Agency

In these moments where the whole world is collapsing, it is a priority to have a trained and bi-lingual workforce, as well as trained and prepared employees for job success, that is why our English courses with a duration of 13 months allow people to work in different sectors.

As an Institution we have agreements with different organizations in the private sector, sending them qualified labor and trained employees. We help our students to have the corresponding certifications depending on the job to be selected, and the necessary qualities when a company requests it.

4. Scholarships

We provide scholarships to people who need it, associations that ask us for scholarships for some special cases or people who are going through difficult situations.

5. Support to open bank accounts or any paperwork they need

Many of the people who are in our school have no idea how to get a bank account, where to go to get an ITIN number, they have no idea what to do in case they are fined, all that information that is very valuable to People are embarrassed to ask, that is why we support with workshops and invite people to give these classes to be able to somehow provide information to people.

6. Help people who are victims of a crime

Many of the people suffer some attack, robbery, rape, assault and even blows to produce large injuries, as individuals the fear of speaking is constant, people are afraid to go and make a complaint, many think that when reporting something may happen to them However, it is important that they have support in such situations, that is why we accompany and guide them and accompany them with lawyers, serve as interpreters with police and help them in whatever way we can.


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